Tuesday, April 13, 2010

After noon wash off.

Its easter school holidays in NSW which means that the bay and especially the pass gets super busy. My friends and I like to leave our sessions to about 1hr before dark and we generally surf till about 1/2 hour after dark as the crowds are usually a little less hectic by then. Below are a few shots that my friends from In Byron Bay today snapped up yesterday evening as my friends and I washed the day off. 

Myself playing around.

Isabelle getting the tip time at speed.

Mahala hasn't been in the water for a while so it was nice to see her smile while catching a few with her.

This seems to be a daily event.

Mike geting some sweet 5 time.


  1. after that heels.
    i think you are my new hero. hahaha.
    nah super sick shot.haha