Sunday, April 11, 2010

9ft shortboard regional titles.

Over the weekend the Far north coast regional titles were held at Lennox head on the beachies. The surf was just like every other contest an epic half a foot slightly onshore and high tide. I was competing for the open mens regional title and this year it seemed that every one turned up to have a go from guys like Ben Dickens, Dane Pioli, Ruben & Keenan Roxburgh, Scotty Channon, Beau Nixion and plenty more great surfers from the local area as well as a massive school of mullet, a few blue bottles and  in the final a little reef shark turned up just to give dane a scare. At Noosa I snapped my HP so just like at the Malfunction I had to borrow boards heat for heat all the way to the final. The final was held at low tide so the bank had shifted to the outer bank leaving a massive gutter on the inside. The waves were short and closing out so Barrel Benny Dickens, Dane Pioli, Scotty Channon and myself  really had to be selective. I got a few but I wasn't super confident as the coditions were testing and I new that the other guys had all had a couple as well. It turns out that  my selection was not bad as I finished 2nd to Dane with Benny coming in 3rd and scotty 4th, a tight final and a super fun day even though the waves weren't pumping. Look out State title.
These pics are not from the contest as it was not worth taking any on the day however they are Tommy woods pics of me down home getting my 9ft shortboard on.

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