Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hard Work...

I guess it's a little strange how we as surfers put value on surfboards. It seems that we always want something for nothing. We compare the value of a Thailand pop-out to other boards that are quality and  handcrafted to individual custom orders. I think that we take for granted the beautiful end product and don't consider the hours of hard work along with the dust, grime and toxins that board makers are subjected to to create the product that we are still able to buy for basically the same price as twenty years ago. The pics above are of Sage at the Valla factory putting in the hours to create the boards that we love to ride and enjoy.


  1. indeed Brett! go custom... go handshaped feel the difference, you soon forget about the couple of hundred bucks extra, but you never forget the fact your wasting time on a plasic souless surfcraft.

  2. I could'nt agree with you more Brett. Nothing compares to a hand shape from your local builder. People comment to me regularly about the cost of the local product. I see the quality difference between the imported product and the local product every day. Its a no brainer.platty.