Sunday, January 10, 2010


Every year in my home town Urunga we can expect at least one massive flood. In 2009 we recieved 6 floods in total. Urunga lies at the mouth of both the Bellinger and Kalang rivers and due to the 6 floods the beaches north and south of the  mouth are now littered with just about everything from  trees, oyster leases, the local river rat boat, Driftwood and washed up cows. Every year a local guy that we call Grogan who is a fellow that I guess you could call a drifter rides his bike along the beaches collecting timber to build his log shacks that the council likes to burn down. This year Grogan located a new million dollar building site and constructed a two bedroom, one bathroom, double lock up car port shack  with an olympic size pool out the front. Ha ha its pretty amazing I reckon I could probably live in there.


  1. get a stone oven place and a hammock and your pretty much set

  2. Sweet. I'd like to meet Grogan. I bet he has a tale to tell.