Monday, October 31, 2011

For ever ever

On Saturday night I took a knee and a gamble and asked Little Em if she would like to spend the rest of her life with me. I'd planned on asking her before the end of the year but I wasn't sure how. People had told me in the past that when you propose, make it big because you only get one chance. I had been trying to think of the perfect way propose that would be romantic, memorable and "big" but all the ideas just seemed too cliched and not quite us. 

However last Saturday night provided the perfect opportunity to ask my lady friend the big question. We were sitting on the headland devouring our fish and chippies and were staring up at the sky spotting constellations, satellites and the odd UFO. The moon had lit up the ocean and we could hear the sound of the ocean crashing up against the rocks. I knew this was it.

I asked her to stand up so I could straighten the blanket, (that of course didn't need straightening at all). I took a knee and I let my heart do the talking. Lil Em paused for a moment and said "can I tell you on Monday?"... Nah just joking! 

I asked her if she'd marry me and she replied "Yes please".

Love you Em.

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  1. Really happy for you brother. Really, really happy.