Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Krypt- MT5 surf mat = total joy

 DP pic of Greenough
I recently score a bit of money from Miss Gillard the PM to buy myself some new text books for my final year of study. Instead I hoped on down to my local surf shop and scored myself an MT5 surf mat...epic. Initially  my first adventures on the MT5 were pretty ordinary as I couldn't figure out how to get these things to trim as it seems to be totally different from anything I have ever ridden. It seemed kind of slow which was strange because when  I had ever seen anyone else on one they looked like they were going top speed. However two nights ago my local point was really turning it on and looked perfect for a mat froth. It was crazy, I have never smiled and laughed in a surf session so much in my life. I am definitely hooked, the things are insane and give you such a different perspective. I give the MT5 two thumbs up.

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