Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Melt down.

A couple of weeks ago Peto and I went down to crescent head to meet up with Film maker Nathan Oldfield and young hot Photographer Duncan Macfarlane. Anyway I'll cut to the chase, the farm that we were staying on had three separate little dwelling on it and I was asked to go and light the fire in the place that myself Dane and Duncan were staying in, so I did and what an awesome fire it was. It turns out that not only did I create an epic fire but I did not happen to see the electric fan sitting on the back of the fire place. After about an hour of cranking fire I had a little gut feeling whilst I was washing up that something was not to right so I asked Duncan if he could go and check on the fire in case it had gone out. The fire had not gone out in fact it was still in full rage but the whole cabin was filled with thick black toxic smoke. Duncan came running back a little confused and slightly high from the fumes and all he could say is the cabin may be on fire. My heart instantly sank as I turned and ran out the door towards the other hut. when I got there most of the smoke had dissipated out of the room and all that was left was a liquefied version of a once plastic room fan that was still plugged in, Heavy. I tried to scrap it of while it was hot but the room was way to toxic and it wash proving very difficult. The next day I came up with the plan to dismantle the fire place back to just the cast iron shell and built a big fire and chuck it in to melt it off. It worked, lucky for me as I may have been up for a new fire place and as a poor uni student that wood have been a nightmare in its self. Oh well lesson learnt I need to be a little more visualent.
Pic by Duncan Macfarlane


  1. Hehe, classic story bud. Nice to see you at that secret spot we surfed and keep rocking with the blog brother!!!!

  2. Brett "I'm the fire starter" Caller! Ya doolie!

  3. Ha! How's your ESP on the 'something's up' front!!

    Nice save...