Friday, December 11, 2009

Road trippin..

Last week Sage, Jack and I piled a stack of boards, boxes of T’s and a bunch of Jack’s mum’s awesome homemade treats into PJ’s new van and headed off down the coast to old Sydney town. The mission was to get a whole lot of Valla T’s printed up ready for summer, do a little filming with our good buddy Nathan Oldfield for a new Valla promo and hang with our dear friends Jim and Suzie from the Critical Slide Society who are amazing hosts.

The week was a success. We surfed a bucket load, the T’s were smashed out over two days, the boards made it to Alpine Beach, the food was unreal and each day was polished off with a long bottle of Mr Coopers Green. Jack and I got a little artistic one afternoon and decided to give my old yellowing Volta a makeover. Weapons of choice were Posca’s, spray paint, masking tape, stencils and a projector thanks to Mr Mitchell.

Here’s a few pics from the trip.

                     Alpine Beach:

                         Jack: slash

                      Sage: Vector


The finished product

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